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Seasonal Cleaning

  • WEEKLY MOWING: Seasonal Yard Work provides weekly mowing services which include: trimming around edges, trees and landscapes as well as edging on sidewalks, driveways and around flower beds.
  • TRIMMING:  String whip (weed trimming) is including in your mowing service. We will trim weeds from around trees, bushes, pools, flowerbeds, driveways and retaining walls. We can also trim bushes and other large plants on a regular basis to keep them from looking overgrown.
  • FALL CLEAN-UP:  Our fall clean-up program includes fertilization, dethatching, removal of perennial weeds and leaf raking. We will also restore and revitalize your yard before the winter season by planting grass in thin or dead areas and /or through laying new sod. We will also repair deadened areas through the removal of dead grasses, aeration, and by applying a soil or compost top dressing to fertilize your lawn. Flower bed maintenance includes cutting back perennials, mulching and planting bulbs for spring time. If you have a lawn irrigation system, we can also drain your irrigation lines as a part of your fall clean-up program.
  • SPRING CLEAN-UP:  Our spring clean-up program is tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers. Spring clean-up usually includes pruning trees and shrubs, thinning crowded flower beds, planting annuals, raking, mulching, applying fertilizer, removing dead grass and reseeding.
  • OTHER MAINTENANCE SERVICES:  We also provide our customers with the following maintenance services: power washing, gutter cleaning and roof cleaning.