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Corporate Campus and Facilities

Creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere for clients, prospects, employees and visitors to a corporate campus begins well before someone enters the front door of a building. Blu Landscaping works hand in hand with facility managers to develop single or multi-site landscape management and maintenance programs. These programs create beautiful, well-manicured campus environments that lead to greater employee satisfaction and a positive corporate image to the community in which they work.

Corporate Landscape Maintenance

Blu Landscaping services allow facility managers to rest assured that a staff of industry professionals is managing the details of their landscape maintenance programs. Blu Landscaping services encompass all aspects of landscape management including;maintenance, enhancements and irrigation. In addition, Blu Landscaping extends beyond the reach of most landscape companies by providing frequent property walk-throughs with facility managers, tree care management, plant healthcare and administration over appointed 3rd-party subcontractors.